Customer Engagement

There are a thousand ‘buzz’ words surrounding customer engagement. All ‘smart’ businesses recognise customers are our ‘life blood’ and no-one owns the customer!

We have the privilege of supporting them and if we don’t give them a reason to leave us, they may not… we must always ensure we are genuine in our support and focus.

And, this same mantra is ‘at the heart’ of how Fleet Matters approaches every interaction, with every client… no exception.


We support clients with:  

  • Business Development Support
  • Customer Communication and Tender Responses  
  • Digital transformation  
  • Sales (Fleet and Retail), Finance, Insurance and GFV Training





At Fleet Matters, we make every client a very simple promise:

·     We treat clients the way we want to be treated (respect)
·     If we say we are going to do something, we do it (accountability)
·     We aim to make clients look good to their boss (support)

… experience matters!

Business Development Support

Whilst it is true you should ‘tread very carefully’ in relation to outsourcing business development; with a trusted partner, you can unlock infinitely more sales and value in doing so.

Across the past 7 years, Fleet Matters has helped several clients with business development activities, Sales, Customer and Compliance Training and in Direct B2B sales.

Fleet Matters is well equipped to support all businesses with B2B business development activities and to help clients unlock their full sales potential.


Customer Communication and Tender Responses

Customers are our ‘life blood’ and no-one owns the customer!

We have the privilege to support them… but, we must always ensure we are genuine in our support and focus.

For several years Fleet Matters has supported our clients to interact successfully with their clients. Our services include:


  • Providing an internal ‘voice of customer’
  • Tender writing. i.e. major vehicle fleet tenders to secure business with both corporate and government clients
  • Business Development support
  • Sales, Customer and Compliance training
  • Digital transformation
  • Compliance focus

Digital Transformation

With our partner, we build solutions for dealerships, automotive brands and auto financiers; for their end-user customers.

We have solutions across the automotive buyer’s lifecycle to deliver a true digital customer experience, where we:

  • Consult – we help clients plan their digital strategy
  • Design – we design with a happy end-user in mind
  • Build – we develop mobile-first software
  • Roll out – we launch solutions so they can fly
  • Maintain – we make sure client’s solutions never get old

With our partner, Fleet Matters solely focuses on the automotive and related financial services to deliver our digital transformation.

Sales (Fleet and Retail), Finance, Insurance and GFV Training

Where businesses identify an opportunity to upskill their client’s staff; Fleet Matters can assist. We specialise in the automotive, fleet leasing and financial services sectors and specifically focus our training efforts on:

  • Sales training for the B2B market. i.e. Fleet sales
  • Sales training targetted at B2C market. i.e. Finance and Insurance (F&I) and Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) and Retail sales training
  • Dealing with customers training
  • Governance, compliance and compliant selling training

The training is tailored to specific needs and delivered via multiple mediums:

  • Face-to-face training
  • Phone training
  • Video/ on-line (i.e. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime) training
  • e-learning training
  • Classroom based training

Fleet Matters not only relies on trainers, but business professionals with an average experience level of 30+ years to support clients.

At Fleet Matters, we pride ourselves on having done the job, as opposed to ‘just reading about it, we are ‘not just trainers’… experience matters!