Organisational Development

With unprecedented challenges facing businesses, more so than ever, planning and operational excellence is critical – not just during COVID-19, but as businesses position for the growth, which will no doubt come.

Over time many businesses have had inefficiencies and / or poor business practices ‘creep’ into their business. Many of these poor practices are governance and compliance related… and ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’.

Now is the time to not only ‘bunker down’ and keep businesses afloat, but to also plan for the future growth, which will come!

Fleet Matters supports clients with:

  • Strategic, Tactical and Compliance support and guidance
  • Policy and Procedure review and design
  • Securitisation and warehouse funding guidance and establishment
  • Customer remediation design and delivery

Only with a robust business, with embedded disciplines and documented processes, can businesses support both staff and customers.

Fleet Matters has supported small, medium and large business focus on what matters for several years.

These organisations have ranged in size from 15 employees to over 15,000 employees… efficiency matters!


Strategic, Tactical and Compliance Support and Guidance

‘Failing to plan, is planning to fail’… now is the time to not only ‘bunker down’ and keep businesses afloat, but to also plan for the future growth, which will come!

With the pressures both businesses and team members will be experiencing at the moment, the need to plan and set a clear path is vital… Australia and the globe will ‘come out the other side’ of COVID-19 and surviving businesses will be ‘flat out’ in rebuilding – demand will be very strong.

Most businesses are either good at strategy or tactics and very few ‘score the trifecta’ with sound and effective execution. Now is the time to ‘reset’ direction and ensure businesses are compliant geared up for the growth, which will undoubtedly come. This reset includes policy and procedure review and design.

Having supported many small, medium and large organisations improve their businesses and focus on what matters for several years, Fleet Matters is well equipped to both support and guide businesses of all sizes.

Policy and Procedure Review and Design

Businesses suffer a lack of efficiency for a multitude of reasons. Some of the common causes include:

  • Focussing on the ‘wrong thing’
  • Trying to ‘be all things to everyone’
  • Not focusing on the key drivers of their business
  • Suffering from a lack of accountability amongst team members
  • Inexperienced ‘specialists’ in generalist roles, without the requisite experience
  • Poor processes
  • Not having documented (and followed) Policies and Procedures

Reviewing current practices and processes; followed by redesign and documentation of those refined policies and procedures, positions businesses for ‘good’ profit and growth. In doing the aforementioned work, businesses can also identify cost reductions and savings.

Having reviewed, redesigned, documented Procedures for several organisations, as well as documenting and implementing Policies to underpin the re-engineered Procedures, Fleet Matters has supported several businesses over the years.

And, in ‘closing the loop’, with ongoing review and subsequent redesign, we have ensured clients ‘bang for their buck’.

Securitisation and Warehouse Funding Guidance and Establishment

Fleet Matters, partnering with a securitisation and warehouse funding expert in the Australian market, can help guide and establish a more efficient and diversified funding source. This can give clients a greater level of control in its wholesale funding for growth in the business lending space and expand their business capabilities.

In doing so, organisations may be able to capture opportunities in scale and the cost of capital, as well as extracting more from the value chain.

In providing a customised and innovative product solution, which is truly independent and unbiased, we provide access to our unique skill set and experience. With collective experience of 50+ years in complex and innovative financial transactions, through market booms and busts, in a wide variety of roles; we do the complex work!

Along with our partner, we have the ability to leverage our respective networks and deal pipelines, with the benefit of real-time market feedback,  which is only available from advisors actively doing deals in the market.

And, our strategic guidance will seamlessly roll into the execution and funding phase. We understand that timing is crucial. Given our track record and our partner’s direct experience in establishing funding programs, we can support clients implement their strategic vision.

Put simply, along with our partner, Fleet Matters can:

  • Unlock alternative funding solutions
  • Help establish a wholesale securitisation facility, creating opportunities to lock in liquidity and achieve strategic growth plans
  • Build a roadmap and funding platform

Customer Remediation Design and Delivery

‘There is no arguing with right’ and over several years, several businesses have ‘cut corners’ or operated in line with other players in the market. What was accepted as common practice and profitable behaviour in the past, is now, rightly so, frowned upon.

In recent years, regulators have ‘double downed’ on their efforts to address customer detriment, ensuring all customers are treated fairly. Recent regulatory activities have included, but not been limited to:

  • In 2016, ASIC released three reports covering its review of the sale of add-on insurance through car dealers
  • ASIC’s ban on flex commissions in the car finance market, which commenced on 1 November 2018, resulting in fairer and more transparent pricing on car loans
  • Responsible Lending focus and likely further enhancements
  • Discussion surrounding treatment of the current POS exemption and possible changes
  • The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry
  • New Banking Code of Practice
  • And, more recently we have seen high-profile cases surrounding bank behaviour

Some of the regulatory activity has not just surrounded addressing sales practices and product design moving forward; but in also ‘redressing’ poor past behaviour/ conduct. And, in doing so large financial institutions have had to remediate affected customers.

Whilst the adverse effects have predominantly been ‘felt’ by large financial organisations, the impact has run much deeper.

Fleet Matters has assisted leading Australian organisations both review their business for key risks, as well as designing and delivering ‘well publicised’ remediation campaigns over the past 3 ½ + years… efficiency matters!