People Development

Traditionally, employee development has been the domain of the HR department. Times have changed!

And, the role of Training and Development has evolved beyond purely designing training programs.

Today, more so than ever, businesses need employees who are effective, motivated and productive. Employees constantly need to be upskilled and Fleet Matters can help here with a focus on:


  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Sales, Customer and Compliance Training 



Fleet Matters not only relies on trainers, but business professionals with an average experience level of 30+ years supporting clients.

At Fleet Matters, we pride ourselves on having done the job, as opposed to ‘just reading about it, we are ‘not just trainers’… effectiveness matters!

Training Needs Analysis

As they say; ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.

This is true in people development too. The first step in developing employees is to confirm that a training need exists, via a training needs analysis.

Not all perceived gaps relate to competencies. Quite often the issue is more related to behavioural factors and one-on-one coaching or team coaching is what is required.

Far too many businesses ‘waste’ ‘big dollars’ trying to deliver a one-size-fits all solution, when a small investment can allow them to focus on what matters.

Any investment in training should be linked to the business’ overall strategy and should not be seen as an adjunct.

Fleet Matters not only relies on trainers, but business professionals with an average experience level of 30+ years supporting clients navigate this tricky area and ensuring ‘bang for client’s buck’!

Fleet Matters partners with client’s leaders and managers to ensure all training is targetted. And, that’s why we also provide leader / manager mentoring.

Individual and Team Coaching

We are all continually learning and we need to constantly adapt!

Training is not limited to just attending workshops or courses. Much of the training staff will undertake is informal and on the job, but this is by no means the sole solution…  at least 50% of learning is best delivered in a more structured/ formal way.

To be successful; Individual and Team Coaching, including face-to-face, phone, video/ on-line, e-learning and ‘classroom based’ learning; all require well-defined learning outcomes.

In the challenging environment we find ourselves in with COVID-19; and the resultant shift to ‘work from home’, we see a big challenge… most people do NOT know how to effectively and productively work remotely, but they are being asked to!

If poor discipline is engrained and staff are distracted businesses cannot be strong!

Fleet Matters can support both you and your staff in this regard with our principal having worked from a home-based office for several years after having spent the previous 25 years in corporate roles (both in office and on the road).


The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists defines mentoring as “a complementary personal and professional support system, suitable to be accessed across the career life-cycle.

Mentoring is a partnership whereby an experienced person guides another’s development by challenging, sharing, supporting and planning to help to achieve their career goals. It exists outside of the usual performance reporting lines, and mentors should not be the direct supervisors or managers of the mentee.”

From experience, leaders and managers quite often have no-one they can talk to… they rarely expose ‘flaws/ concerns’ to their direct manager, they risk undermining their authority if they share fragilities with their staff (although they shouldn’t be overly concerned here), they cannot share with the people who would best understand their plight; their competitors and they don’t always like to take their problems home…

This is where Fleet Matters can ‘step in’. Over several years we have directly supported many leaders and managers with mentoring, as well as identified staff members. As Emotions and Behaviours at Work (EBW) licensed practitioners  we follow the EBW approach, with its focus on Business Emotional Intelligence, empowering leaders and teams to transform themselves and their businesses.

Sales, Customer and Compliance Training

Where a training needs analysis has identified a need to address competency gaps; training is required. And Fleet Matters provides the following training support post training needs analysis: 

  • Face-to-face training
  • Phone training
  • Video/ on-line (i.e. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime) training
  • e-learning training
  • Classroom based training

We specialise in the automotive, fleet leasing and financial services sectors and specifically focus our training efforts on:

  • Sales training for the B2B market. i.e. Fleet Sales
  • Sales training for B2C market. i.e. Finance and Insurance (F&I) and Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)
  • Dealing with customers training
  • Governance, compliance and compliant selling training

Any investment in training should always be linked to the business’ overall strategy.

At Fleet Matters, we pride ourselves on having done the job, as opposed to ‘just reading about it, with the requisite expertise. We are ‘not just trainers’ and ‘walk the talk’… effectiveness matters!